The Reforma Reinvented Nuforma Pilates: A new way to move

Experience the future of Pilates, today

Life's changed, so we've reinvented reformer Pilates

Modern living doesn't just mean we move less and sit more; today's fast paced world also makes it harder to fit exercise into our busy schedules.

Built on 20 years of research and innovative engineering by the visionary team in the UK, the Nuforma represents the single largest development in Pilates equipment and instruction in over 100 years!

With over 100 programs, your own built-in touchscreen allows you to choose the workout you want, when you want it, all supported by our qualified in-studio Pilates instructors. Whether you want to build muscle tone, improve your arm and core strength, or work on your balance, we've got the class for you. The revolutionary reformer design features a split carriage, oversize bed, incorporated weights and infinite challenging exercise options. Get your heart rate pumping!

Set in a spacious, comfortable environment, Nuforma offers all the features of an exclusive Pilates studio, at a similar price to general group classes.

More about the Nuforma

"The Nuformer represents the evolution of the reformer bed. It allows accessibility for people of all ages and levels to experience the benefits of Pilates with the advantage of combining the critical elements of resistance training. The future of Pilates is here! The benefits of the Nuformer can be enjoyed by complete beginners as well as Pilates enthusiasts"

John Paul Rahme - Co-founder, Xoda & Master Pilates instructor
Touch screen on Nuforma Pilates machine

Nuforma fits in with your lifestyle

No more trying to schedule your day around studio timetables and generic group classes! With Nuforma you simply book your sessions for when it suits you, come in, scan your QR code and get exercising on your Nuforma.

With over 100 programs to choose from, it's like having a virtual private instructor in every Nuforma. Whatever your experience level, mood or your exercise goals for the day, there will always be a session that's just right for you and your body. Nuforma's full form body strengthening classes are suitable for everyone!

Our fully qualified in-studio instructors are always on-hand to offer adjustments, advice and encouragement.

about the Nuforma programs

"Wow! Their reformers are super impressive - definitely next level with the tech, bed size, weights, etc. Your own screen means you can pick whatever type of workout, whenever you want. Strongly recommend for everyone to try them out."

Scott Gourley - Former Sydney Roosters & Dual Rugby International
Pilates classes in Bondi Junction

Personalised Pilates at a similar price point to generic group classes

Nuforma's on-screen workout sessions mean you get your own personalised Bondi Pilates program at a similar price to generic group classes offered by other studios.
Whether you want to focus on strengthening your arms, abs, or other challenging exercises our qualified class instructors are there to supervise and ensure you have the optimal workout while staying safe at all times. Get ready to sweat!

about Nuforma Memberships

Depending on your experience level, there is a natural, progressive pathway starting with activation and balance, through to more challenging toning, mobilisation and strength. We also have focused individual attention programs suitable for specific needs, such as mums-to-be, new mums, and athletes.

Specific Focus

Nuforma Pilates
Bondi Junction

Open every day from sunrise to sunset, the Nuforma Pilates studio in Bondi Junction is a first class, welcoming, comfortable and calm space.

The changing rooms, lockers and showers in our studio make it even easier for you to fit your Pilates around the rest of your day and achieve that body and lifestyle balance.

Community is our big focus at Nuforma. We want you to feel like you can relax or socialise in the studio before or after your session. Our cosy breakout lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a tea, coffee or juice on your own or with a friend.

our Bondi studio

Pilates classes in Bondi Junction

The Nuforma difference

Do your Pilates how and when you want

Nuforma Pilates is more accessible, personalised,
flexible and affordable than traditional Pilates reformer classes:




Individual attention-focused with the energy
of a group environment

Classes determined by studio schedules

Come for your session when it suits you

Session quality depends on instructor

Consistent and high quality workouts every time

Rigid structure

Flexible structure

Generic sequence

Personalised sequence

Instructor may or may not be familiar with
you and your body

Your Nuforma knows you! Just scan in with the QR code for a personalised experience

Controlled by instructor or set flow

Controlled by you and how you feel

One class, one level, set time

One machine, any level, any time

Personalised sessions at private
one-to-one rates

Personalised sessions at class rates - always suitable for your body

Different pathways can lead to complexity and confusion

Progressive and simple pathway from
beginner to advanced

Often packed in very closely

Spacious studio and extra facilities

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Nuforma Pilates application

Nuforma Pilates has strengthened my posture dramatically and I feel my joints and core are much more engaged. I'm loving the jumpboard and being able to follow my own program each time. The instructors are brilliant and the studio is really cool and spacious - it's great!

Steve Harrison - Former Team GB National Cyclist Champion

I was really surprised by what the Nuforma could do, not only did it help with my knee rehabilitation but it was a pretty fun workout too. 

Jacob Morris

Welcoming staff to help with all the tech & staying close by for advising any corrections & helping with equipment.

Jennifer Thomas

I love the fact that I can choose the workout I want to do on the day I want to do it.

Saskia Metts

My life around kids and work is crazy busy. I love the fact that I don't have to work around awkward class times. I can book a session at a time that suits me.

Agnes Hannes

Truly amazing technology and I can get such a broad workout. But I also love that the staff are all close by to help with any equipment questions and making sure I am doing the exercise correctly.

Eion Harvey

We all know what it's like doing a run in the morning and then turning up to your afternoon pilates class and finding it is all about legs. Never again at Nuforma.

Brett Martin

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