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At Nuforma we're all about making Pilates more accessible, personalised, flexible and affordable.

Whether you're looking to build strength, get fit, boost performance, recover from injury, increase mobility or just improve your general wellbeing, you can realise your goals for your body, at your pace with Nuforma Pilates in Bondi Junction, NSW.

Pilates Membership Options

We offer a wide variety of Pilates membership options at our Bondi Junction Pilates studio. From beginner to advanced, our subscription options suit everyone who's interested in Pilates. Choose from 2 Pilates classes a week, go for a 3 class subscription, or even choose to enjoy unlimited Pilates sessions every week!

Casual Packages

Still not quite sure what you want to go for? Why not trial a single Pilates class, test out 5 sessions, 10 classes, or even try out 20 classes?

About our memberships

Reformer Pilates classes in Bondi Junction on the Nuforma

Get personalised programs tailored to your goals at a similar price point to other premium Pilates classes


Take your Pilates practice to a whole new level with the world's most advanced pilates equipment.

The Nuforma


Realise your fitness goals by selecting from over 100 programs of your choice.

The programs


A beautiful studio with lockers, showers and a lounge are all part of the unique Nuforma experience.

The studio


Our team of experienced pilates instructors is always on hand to offer support and keep you safe.

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