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Meet the world's most advanced pilates experience

The Nuforma reformer

Life's changed, so we've reinvented reformer Pilates

The way we live today means that we move less, sit more and find it harder to fit exercise into our busy schedules. The Nuforma makes reformer pilates more accessible, personalised, flexible and affordable than ever before!

Built on 20 years of research and innovative engineering by the visionary team in the UK, the Nuforma represents the single largest development in Pilates equipment and instruction in over 100 years!

The built-in touchscreen takes you through your program of choice, at a time that works for you, on a totally re-engineered reformer platform. With Nuforma you simply book your sessions for when it suits you, come in, scan your QR code and get exercising on your Nuforma – no more rushing around trying to fit your life around general group classes!

Our experienced and qualified in-studio instructors are always on-hand to make any adjustments, offer advice and provide encouragement.

Touch screen on the Nuforma reformer pilates machine

Traditional vs Nuforma Pilates reformers

Traditional Pilates reformer machine


Nuforma pilates machine


Touch Screen

Every Nuforma has a touch screen that allows you to select the workout you want to do. Your on-screen instructor then walks you through the exercises step-by-step, effectively bringing the instructor to your reformer who guides you through your personalised program.

Depending on how you feel on the day, you have the freedom to make changes to your session, pause, rewind or skip, all under the supervision of an experienced in-studio instructor.


Longer & Wider Bed

Significantly larger than a traditional Pilates reformer, the Nuforma base allows for a greater range of movement, fits taller and larger-framed people and provides the perfect foundation for a more powerful workout.

Reformer Pilates classes in Bondi Junction on the Nuforma
Frame and spring of the Nuforma Pilates machine

Next-Level Engineering

A beautifully constructed frame, with integrated weights and pulleys, is smoother and quieter than traditional reformers as well as offering a much broader scope for your workout.

The Nuforma knows me. Once I sign in with my QR code, I like the fact that it remembers the workouts I have done. Plus recommends what I might like to try next.

Bess hertz

What I love about Nuforma is that I can get a really broad workout, compared to other pilates reformers. The weights and pulleys add that extra dimenion and challenge.

daniel knox

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