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"The future of Pilates is here! The Nuforma can be enjoyed by complete beginners as well as Pilates enthusiasts."

John Paul Rahme
Co-founder, Xoda & Master Pilates instructor

I have tried quite a few Pilates studios in and around Bondi and Nuforma is by far my favourite!... Every single staff member is beyond amazing, they are always willing to have a chat with you and help correct your form. The studio is stunning, the showers and toilets are immaculate and the equipment is so modern and just exceptional. They even offer you organic fruit which is so sweet! I couldn't recommend Nuforma enough, thank you Nuforma Team!”

Isabelle Joyce

My new favourite exercise! The beds are very comfortable and the instructions are easy to follow. I like that I can choose what I want to work on for the day, and work at my own pace. I feel amazing after just a few visits. The staff are super friendly and are always there to encourage you and help with form. Highly recommended!”

Rhey78 A

Loved Pilates reformer and my frozen shoulder has become pain free after just one session. It works through all muscle groups, best type of exercise, very gentle and yet gives very good workout.”

Daria Zakharova

I love Nuforma pilates! I used to love going to group reformer pilates classes until I tried group Nuforma pilates classes!

I love that I get to choose the workout I want to do at each session and I'm not stuck doing whatever the instructor is doing, but I still get the energy of being in a group workout.

I also love that because my machine's screen is guiding my workout, the instructors are free to spend the whole time walking around and observing and correcting everyone's form. They are also all really lovely.

It's a great concept and I'm really enjoying the additional strength exercises I'm able to do on the Nuforma that weren't possible on a regular reformer bed.”

Ellen Kleinman

Love the Nuforma. Doing my trial over Christmas. Only ever done matt pilates but this is more efficient. Highly recommend!”

Bec Mikula-Wright

LOVE LOVE LOVE Nuforma Pilates - it's like a NASA training centre! Very high tech equipment, very cool and spacious ambience. You have your own pilates bed and built-in touchscreen workout, with so many workouts to choose from.”

Annalisa Brimo

Best pilates studio in the city 🙏🏽

Great concept with so many unique programs to follow and good for all the levels.

If you are thinking to start pilates it's the best studio to start 💪 just go for it and try a class 🙏🏽🙏🏽”

Jas Lyall

Really enjoyed my workout at nuforma, knowledgeable instructors and a beautiful facility. If you’re used to doing reformer on the traditional bed it might take you 1 session to feel totally comfortable, but after that you will never look back! It’s definitely a step up from traditional reformer Pilates , I’d love them to open on the Northern Beaches so I didn’t have to travel so far. LOVE IT!!!”

Kelly Allen

Amazing experience! Nuforma Pilates is a new and exciting way to have fun while doing Pilates. We had a great orientation by Therese who familiarised us with the mechanics of the beds. Lexi guided us through an intense but fun tailor made session. The studio is easy to find on Oxford St Bondi Junction. It is bright and spacious with wonderful amenities. 5 stars from me”

Sandy McIndoe

The Nuforma knows me. Once I sign in with my QR code, I like the fact that it remembers the workouts I have done. Plus recommends what I might like to try next.”

Bess Hertz

Wow! What an amazing studio and experience at Nuforma Pilates. We had fabulous guidance from the very friendly and knowledgeable instructors and a great selection of programs to choose from. The workout was surprisingly challenging and fun. I may take a couple of goes to get used to the new way of doing Reformer but I loved it and I love that you can choose a different program every visit so you get to choose what to focus on. The studio is beautiful and welcoming with great facilities too.”

Fiona McTackett

My body has changed more in three months using a Nuforma than in three years in group classes.”

Katie McFarlane
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