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Our Instructors


Jenny Dean

Owner / Director 

A convert to the benefits of reformer pilates for over 20 years, with her depth of knowledge and experience, Jenny knew she was onto a game changer the very first time she tried Nuforma in the UK. With Australia being such a developed and demanding pilates market, she also knew that Australia was well and truly ready for the outstanding performance and workout options it offered. 

Teaming up with Therese's international business and investment experience, Tim's entrepreneurial skills, and combined with her own extensive management skills, for Jenny introducing the Nuformer to Australia was a no brainer.

Jenny's favourite Nuforma exercise: ''Anything using the Nuforma jump board - a great combination of raising the heart rate and focussing on form. I always feel like I've worked hard incorporating the jumpboard into my workouts''.


Therese Keys

Owner / Director 

Therese will happily tell you that pilates has saved her – a number of times. 

A highly driven director and entrepreneur, Therse has worked across the globe in a unique hybrid career including software as a service (SaaS), plus over 25 years in the real estate sector, large commercial shopping centre development and private residential developments. It was only recently it occurred to her that at every challenging stage of her life (of which she will tell you there have been enough), it was Pilates she turned to for both for her mental and physical health and well-being. After discovering the Nuforma on her travels, Therese knew that Sydney was ready to up its game with the most revolutionary Pilates reformer on the planet. 

Therese's favourite Nuforma exercise: ''Definitely the glute and leg workouts on the Nuforma. With the the split carriage I can get so much extra scope''.


Lexi Ravenscroft

Studio Manager & Instructor

Lexi is your cheerleader! She is big hearted person that is always there to encourage ,inspire and uplift. She loves to help motivate her clients and educate them on their practice so that they have the knowledge and skills to take away with them in this journey of we call life. 

Lexi has over 16 years experience in Group Fitness, Pilates and yoga. She is always qualified to teach pre/post natal classes and children's classes. She is always up for a chat and a good workout. 


Sophie Benbow


Sophie is a calm and centred trainer who focuses on nurturing her clients. She has a keen interest in functional movement and mobility for elderly clients and desk-workers.

Sophie has a broad background in health and wellness having qualifications in Personal Training, Mindfulness, Meditation, Plant-based Cuisine and Health Coaching. 

Sophie is originally from the UK and has a background as a lawyer. She decided to ditch the corporate world and focus on a career in Health and Wellness where her passions lie. When she is not meditating or running in the park she enjoys spending time with her dog Henri, travelling the world and cooking up a storm in her kitchen! Sophie enjoys getting to know her clients as a coach and friend and is always down for some banter!


Victoria Dufficy


Victoria's interest in Pilates evolved out of a love for ballet and gymnastics that she had pursued for over 14 years before the penny dropped, and she became a qualified Pilates instructor. 

Passionate about the benefits of Pilates and the impact it can have on the body and mind, Victoria's aim is to make her clients feel their very best – both inside and out. 

With more than 15 years' experience as a Pilates teacher, Victoria sets the tone with her positive attitude and friendly demeanor – but don't be fooled! This girl is out to get results with her challenging and goal-orientated classes. She believes that it is important to engage with the people in her classes so they not only walk away relaxed, uplifted, firm and strong; but also feeling that they have enjoyed the experience.


Maggie Dixon-Best 


Maggie's love for fitness and wellness started at an early age in the world of dance. After travelling the world as a professional dancer, she now shares her passion for Pilates and Yoga through her teaching where she aims to inspire self development through the Mind, Body and Soul. 

Focusing on the importance of connecting the mind to movements, breath work and alignment creating balance and harmony throughout all sessions.


Abi Gowenlock

Head of Training

Abi qualified as a BASI Pilates Instructor over 10 years ago and has worked at various reformer studios, yoga studios and physio practices on the Northern Beaches.

With a keen focus on movement precision, she will ensure every movement pattern is precise and aligned, strengthening and stabilising from your core to promote good postural alignment and muscle balance. Exuding warmth and fun, you're sure to love having Abi around.

When not teaching you'll find her wrangling the kids, at the beach or walking the fur baby. 


Valeria Diverio 


Valeria's wellness journey began as a personal trainer in her younger years. Through fitness challenges and personal transformations, she developed a profound awareness of the mind-body connection, embracing a holistic perspective on happiness, health, and longevity. Pilates captured her heart, motivating her to explore its intricacies as an instructor. Eager to expand her knowledge, Valeria ventured into Reiki and is now on the path to becoming a kinesiologist. 

Her goal is to bring balance, not only to others but also to her own well-being.


Hannah Dorman


Originally from the UK, Hannah graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of the West of England in 2017.

Hannah previously played for Southampton FC Ladies but after an unfortunate spinal cord injury her career ended prematurely. She had to go through an extensive rehab which is where she found her love for Pilates. Hannah then went on to become certified in both Mat and Reformer Pilates through the APPI so that she could use her personal experience and formal training to help others achieve their rehab/fitness goals. 

Hannah has always had a passion for helping people and loves being an integral part of rehab journeys whether that's in the treatment room or in the Pilates studio.

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