Enjoy personalised Pilates workouts in comfort Welcome to a new kind of pilates studio experience

Welcome to Nuforma Pilates

Level 1, 434-436 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, Sydney, NSW

Open every day from sunrise to sunset, the Nuforma Pilates studio in Bondi Junction is a welcoming, comfortable and calm workout space.

Opening hours:

Monday 6.30am - 7pm (closed 11-12 & 3-4pm)

Tuesday 6.30am - 7pm (closed 11-12 & 3-4pm)

Wednesday 6.30am - 7pm (closed 11-12 & 3-4pm)

Thursday 6.30am - 7pm (closed 11-12 & 3-4pm)

Friday 6.30am - 6pm (closed 11-12 & 3-4pm)

Saturday 7am - 2pm 

Sunday 8am - 2pm


Nuforma Pilates studio Bondi Junction is a beautifully crafted community exercise space where you can really enjoy doing Pilates and get the most from your workouts.

Changing rooms, lockers and showers make it even easier for you to fit your Pilates around the rest of your day.

"The choice of workouts is excellent. No more working around the classes that my studio tells me it is running. At Nuforma I can choose the class that I want to do when I want to do it." 

arli cousins

Community is really important to us at Nuforma Pilates. We want you to feel like you can relax or socialise in the studio before or after your session.

Our cosy and calm breakout lounge is the perfect place to enjoy tea, coffee or juice on your own or with a friend before your Pilates class. 

The Nuforma difference

Enjoy your Pilates how and when you want

Nuforma Pilates is more accessible, personalised,
flexible and affordable than traditional Pilates reformer classes:




Individual attention-focused with the energy
of a group environment

Classes determined by studio schedules

Come for your session when it suits you

Session quality depends on instructor

Consistent and high quality workouts every time

Rigid structure

Flexible structure

Generic sequence

Personalised sequence

Instructor may or may not be familiar with
you and your body

Your Nuforma knows you! Just scan in with the QR code for a personalised experience

Controlled by instructor or set flow

Controlled by you and how you feel

One class, one level, set time

One machine, any level, any time

Personalised sessions at private
one-to-one rates

Personalised sessions at class rates - always suitable for your body

Different pathways can lead to complexity and confusion

Progressive and simple pathway from
beginner to advanced

Often packed in very closely

Spacious studio and extra facilities

We’re here to help!
Please call us on 0483 914 492
or email bondi@​nuformapilates.com.au