PERSONALISED PILATES CLASSES IN BONDI Activate, Mobilise or Strengthen (or all three). The Choice is Yours!

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Whatever your experience level or goal, there is a program for you at Nuforma's spacious studio in Bondi Junction

Your qualified in-studio Pilates instructor will help you choose from over 100 progressive programs to activate, mobilise, strengthen, repair, or simply get a full body workout:


When you're just starting out, strengthening up, or rebooting your fitness journey, Nuforma Pilates workouts are the perfect foundation for activating and mobilising your body in a low-impact yet strengthening way. We offer reformer Pilates, a beginner Pilates class, and much more to help you increase your functional movement in no time!


For Intermediate and Advanced Pilates practitioners, Nuforma offers a more personalised Pilates workout experience that pushes your strengthening progression further than a general group Pilates class. Start your Pilates challenge today!

Mums & mums to be

Whether you're a mum to be preparing for the arrival of your first bundle of joy or wanting to return to movement, do so slowly and safely with Nuforma's low-impact pre and postnatal Pilates classes.


Pilates is great for strength training. That's why footy players, endurance runners, weekend warriors and many more athletes use Nuforma Pilates exercises to increase core strength and muscle control, maximise mobility and improve balance.


Many physiotherapists will recommend reformer Pilates exercises to help target specific muscles, improve posture, recover from issues and minimise future injuries.

Mind & body connection

Sometimes it's good to slow things down and really focus on your mind-body-breath connection! Take a well-earned timeout with a slower-paced session.


The Activate programs are perfect if you're new to Pilates. They help you to quickly build the fundamental foundation to your pilates practice from which to build strength and confidence in yourself and your body.



Once you have established your Pilates foundation the Mobilise programs help you to start increasing your body's movement and mobility.



Whatever Nuforma program you choose, your body will always be getting stronger. But if you want to take things up a level – especially if you're already experienced with Pilates — then the Strengthen programs are the perfect way to push your body to new heights.



Pilates is a great platform for rehabilitation — that's why so many physiotherapists recommend it to help recover from injury, overuse or poor muscle patterning. 



Our Focus programs are tailored for you if you have a specific goal in mind, for example you may be an athlete using Pilates as part of your cross-training, or if you are a new mum who wants to redevelop their core strength after a pregnancy.


"The workouts on your personal screen are fantastic. They are easy to follow and tailored exactly where you want them."

Jamie Headley

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