"The future of Pilates is here! The Nuforma can be enjoyed by complete beginners as well as Pilates enthusiasts."

John Paul Rahme
Co-founder, Xoda & Master Pilates instructor

I’ve done Pilates on and off for 20 years. This is definitely the most impressive - flexibility, choice, variety. Instructors are awesome. Absolutely love it”

Emma Wilson

The choice of workouts is excellent. No more working around the classes that my old studio tells me it is running. At Nuforma I can choose the class that I want to do when I want to do it.”

Arli Cousins

This is the Rolls Royce of reformer! Love that everyone can do their own individual workout and the instructors are wonderfully knowledgeable and attentive. It’s transformative and I’m addicted!”

Natasha de Silva

I have been doing pilates for over ten years and recently tried Nuforma. It was incredible! The reformers are like nothing I’ve seen before, offering cutting-edge technology. There’s a huge range of programs to choose from depending on your level or desired workout. So happy this is finally in Australia!”

Justine Duncan

What a stunning new Pilates studio🤩

Amazing space with elegance❤️

Best new technology with detail care👍

Friendly staffs with professional help💯

Everyone shall give a try u will feel it immediately very different from any other reformer studios I have been(over 30 in 10 countries)

See u again soon!

Thanks for bringing the community the happy health with touching warmth😇”

Sylvia Chiang

The experience of a screen took a session to adjust to – it’s different from a classic pilates studio. But all I can say after many years of pilates is that it’s transformed my practice and my movement. It’s a brilliant system.”

Caroline Goyder

I did just a warm up and it was nice and slow but the intensity and sweat that came off me in those 30 mins I was like yes, give me more of this!”

Anka Lieber

Really easy to operate the Nuforma® machines and I feel re-energised after each session!”

Alison Smart

I was advised to have reformer Pilates for a lower back and glute problem. The Nuforma sessions are great and the staff really keep an eye on you to make sure you get the most of it. They are all so friendly and knowledgeable. Best discovery I have made for a long time. I know I will continue to use it after my back is better.”

Rae Avatar Barnett

I’m just a beginner at pilates but what I love about the Nuforma approach is that there is a really clear path for me to follow as I go through my journey. I know I am going to stick with this as I can see all the more medium and advanced classes on the menu that I can work toward. It is all there on the screen in front of me.”

Monica Hutanu

I always thought Pilates was slow and boring but this is a real workout ! All in all a joy to visit and you won’t be disappointed or feel awkward in any way if you haven’t done Pilates before (or much exercise) and more importantly you will see the results in your body very quickly!”

Dan Ambrosch

I was made to feel really welcome and at ease as soon as I came through the door. As someone that has never done reformer pilates before, I love the fact that the Nuforma talks you through every step and you can progress through the series at your own pace. Looking forward to seeing my progress over the next year!”

Georgina Daglish
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